All International organic farmers (or see India page) who are preparing their presentations should specifically follow these guidelines for their presentations, to make it easier for us here in India to format, modify, correct or otherwise change them. All presentations, after such changes are made here in India, are posted back to the original presenters for their approval.

1. Please have a look at our reference presentation to ensure that your submission follows the format prescribed (mostly visual with short captions and bullet points, not more than 20 slides). These are available in 13 languages at:

2. Ideally prepare and send presentations in PowerPoint or Google slides because we want the incoming version to be a ppt or pptx file, so we can modify if necessary.

3. In case they are sending in their presentation as a PDF file, then the format should be such that text and images can be copy-pasted into Powerpoint.

4. Please check the quality of the images (ideally .jpg or .jpeg or .png) to make sure that they are of high resolution, and that they are not skewed (aspect ratio changed) when placed in the presentation. Also, please send the images in a zipped file separately so we can fix or place these correctly.

5. Please keep an eye on the file size of your presentation, and compress the images to ensure that the file sizes stay below 10-15MB in general. See this link for image compression in Powerpoint 

6. Please keep in mind that each speaker has 10 minutes to present, so the content of your presentation should be to-the-point. We may otherwise have to shorten the presentation to meet this criteria.

7. Please add your Name, Address: Country, State, Village, Contact details: Email/Phone number, Website (optional) and a photograph of yourself/ your family into the last slide of your presentation.

8. Please also send us your Passport Number along with the Date of period of validity on submitting your presentation.

Please check this list for the status of your presentations or papers submitted to the OWC. In case your submission is not featured here please write to us at

All presentations and papers submitted to the Farmer’s Track for OWC 2017 follow a review process by a committee of Experienced Organic Farmers. Paper’s and presentations that are accepted can be presented at the OWC India 2017 conference from 9-11th November, 2017.

Please view our Call for Farmer Presentations for more details about requirements.